Steps To Become A Supplier

2018-02-07 17:25

Step by step guide to become a supplier and register your products/services. Grouping your products in a shopping list will make it easier for the buyer to compete his/her project in time.

1. Sign up - click this link

Step 2

- Complete the form

Click - Create account

Step 3

- After Create Account, you are automatically logged in

Then click => choose here to choose your industries

 So I search construction, all industries in construction show up,.... then select all that I need, if you select green dot will show. Click save Industries

Can I add more industries?

Yes! you can add more industries. see pic below

Top right menu bar.. Click drop down arrow on your user account name. Select Industries.

Step 4

Create a shopping list (This is an example below)



Step 5

Add products into your Shopping List

Click add products


Click save products once you are done

You can add  as many products as you like.

First you have to create a shopping list and add products to those categories.

For example you can create a shopping list of foundation, them you can add add products like => pit sand, river sand, cement, concrete etc


 Step 6

Assign Your Shopping List

First select Project - to your left side

Here, I select my shopping list "Tiling"

To your right side-   Select stages which apply  Tiling Project


 Stages of a project are already in QouteHunter System. What you only do is to select stages you offer.


 Click Save

Stages Step 7. 

It is not automaticall to have your  Shopping List you have created to be the same in Quotehunter.

For example here I created my shopping list "Plumbing". Now I want to assign my project "Plumbing in Quotehunter systems.  I seach plumbing in Quotehunter, can not be found.  What do i do now.  I have to seach related projects with plumbing - now found "Removate my house", I can select that one.  On stages I can choose stages related to my shopping list ''Plumbing Only"

You have created a shopping list with products. see example above.

Click - to view your shopping  list 


This is my shopping list above.  I have created 3 :- Plumbing, Roofing a house and Tiling

You can manage your projects by clicking  => Manage (drop down arrow) eg adding products, industries etc . See pic below.



Step 8

 How to manage my Projects?

1. Adding products to my shopping list

Click shopping list which you want to add products - left side

Here I choose Roofing a house

Top right - Click add products. 

How to upload products?

I choose Manual Entry. 

Add products manually, Click save after you create your products

Now I can see my products in my shopping list (Roofing a house)

 Plumbing is my next Project, i can see zero products. See picture below

 I can follow steps which I did when adding products in roofing a house Project above.

Step 9

How To Add image to a  product in a Project. See picture below

Here I choose to add  Asbestors image in Roof a house  Projects

Click drop down menu on Manage (under asbestors) =>  Click upload images (see pic above)

Click upload file.


Step 10

You can create an my shopping list as you like. See picture below

I have created 5 Projects with products


How Do I add another Projects if I logged into my account again.

If you logged in, your landing page will show you this, see picture below 

Click - Create a list at the top right.


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